Vietnam+: Justice Index introduced to southern provinces

The report themed Justice Index: Assessment of Distributive Justice and Equality from a Citizen-based Survey in 2012 was introduced to officials from people’s councils and lawyers’ associations in southern provinces and cities at a workshop in Can Tho on November 11.

The report is a result of cooperation between the Vietnam Lawyers’ Association, the Centre for Community Support Development Studies (CECODES) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The index was built on actual experience of over 5,000 people from a cross-section of society living in 21 provinces and cities across the country. The index captured people’s opinions and assessment of State institutions’ performance in ensuring justice and fundamental rights for citizens.

The Index 2012 looks into five dimensions of the administration of justice and rule of law as perceived and experienced by the people, in particular accessibility, equity, integrity, reliability and efficiency along with a guarantee of fundamental rights.

At the workshop, participants discussed the application of the index in activities of the people’s councils.